Macramé is an ancient technique that is learned throughout family tradition in which everything that’s used are the hands. Everyone knits their own path and is from this that we can get to know each other through the pieces that we make, leaving a bit of us in every fabric. Knots, more that entangle the thread, tell stories and allows to communicate through sensitivity.


Leather goods made by hand to respect the raw material and our ancestral techniques each piece that we make, filled with emotions and our own soul.


The workshop of craftsmen and craftswomen from Cundinamarca and Boyacá elaborate each one of the pieces with passion and love, loading them of incomparable emotion. An ethical brand that gives recognition to each one of the persons that are a part of the elaboration process. A learning focused program to achieve a craftsmanship mastery and create the best product for each client allows us to create jobs, accomplish dreams and nourish our country, improving our community's quality of life. 



S I L K   G A L L O N

The silk gallon, a material in which dreams and emotions are woven, which gives rise to a story that is told through the fabrics. Its magic comes from its origin: two old people with their hands painted so much to dye the threads that form each one of our pieces. A story that tells the story of two people who have dedicated themselves to creating the raw material to make millions of dreams possible.


A fiber that looks like a tangle but which shines like none starts its process with the tincture of colors that represent every corner of our country. Two people who passionately tell each part of the process that more than a job represents their entire life. The thin thread that has already gone through the process of dyeing is made in small tubes that will weave little by little the gallon that gives rise to each of Camila Mesar's designs.


It is a completely handmade process in which you learn from each experiment, the mixture of each of the inks to create the color that is expected and that teaches that patience gives rise to the best things because although it is a process with many stages and Tangle of thread that results in a gallon of brightness and unique colors because with each tincture the tone varies and it will always be a new story to fulfill a new dream.



The knots that more than weave the threads tell stories of life, that unite families and allow us to communicate. The macrame is an ancient technique that is learned through the family tradition, where all that is used are the hands themselves. All weave their own path and it is from this that we can know ourselves through the pieces we made, leaving a part of us in each fabric. It is sad to see how before the macrame was in every corner of the towns of departments like Cundinamarca and Boyacá and is sad  that now a days very few people retain this technique. This is the central axis of the Idyll collection, our goal is to show a different aspect of the macramé where all shapes are possible and it is intended to enhance each stitch.

M A G I C   M O M P O X

L O V E  A S L E E P

I N  T H O U G H T

A trip that seems like a dream, that has an old destiny, a mythical city, an island of the Magdalena River conformed by 3 streets and thousands of history in each corner. There I was able to connect with my roots and understand my culture as a fusion of interpretations of what the Spaniards, the Africans and what remained of our indigenous origins. A world that resembles one of the spaces of a book by Gabriel García Márquez or a journey through time that allowed me to know a process that gives rise to a work of art made a jewel in filigree.


Each person full of magic and desire to show the world what their prodigious hands can achieve. Entire families that are dedicated to a single profession and are proud of it: that of being a goldsmith. It is wonderful how its process begins, when the silver arrives in small balls, its melting and pressing to achieve threads so fine that it does not seem to be a metal. A work where patience, dedication and passion are present in each space. Each piece handmade with a love and a delicacy that makes them look like pieces of sugar where feelings and emotions, as well as stories, take possession of their whole being. This is what gives origin and meaning to each logo in our collection.