E N C O U N T E R   B E T W E E N   S O U L S

The general theme of our collection is to give body to the ethereal and capture the ephemeral from sensitivity, creating an encounter between two souls through nonverbal language m the art of fashion.


Back to the roots and life reinforces the harmony of being. The experiences and the moments that we live lead us to be who we are and raise the sensitivity to the highest level. Our artisans leave the soul in each stitch transmitting the essence of the brand in each piece made, something that allows our client to connect with the spirit Camila Mesar through a treasure that is only completed when he makes it his own. The union between two souls that transcend give life to fashion as art.


Geometric silhouettes that shape a silk fabric and bring it to life by fusing the macramé and the leatherwork and contrasting the organic of life with the constant search for perfection. A clean and polished aesthetic but full of color, texture and details are elements that give life to each of our unique and unrepeatable pieces. The highest quality standards in its raw material and its elaboration 100% by hand give rise to the mastery and artisanal luxury in which this collection focuses.