Camila Mesar is an ethical y sustainable brand with history. It flourishes from its Colombian identity and the ancestral techniques to reinterpret them and mix them with modern design, rising craftsmanship tu it’s maximum level: Luxury and Master crafts. One impeccable design, maximum quality and daring and unexpected colors highlight traditional femininity creating unique and sublime pieces. Pieces of art whose museum are the streets and only come to life when the person for who it was made for wears it. A fresh, natural woman that takes her outfit to absolute sophistication. A brand with its own style, a style that talks by itself and tells a story through traditional craftsmanship.


Details and care for every piece gives life to a magic and unique treasure, created for only one person. Crafted with silk and leather 100% natural whose handmade processes fill it with richness just like it does with it’s ironwork, plated in 24k gold. Added to it you can find a gold and silver filigree charm form Mompox, done 100% by hand by our artisans masters. A sustainable brand that reutilizes leftovers and bets on slow fashion.

C A M I L A   M E S A R

Camila Mesar is a young and emerging Colombian designer graduated from the Fashion Design and Marketing School Arturo Tejada Cano. She is a woman in love with her country and the craft techniques that are developed in Colombia. She decides to create her brand by appreciating the cultural and artisan diversity that her country has and to see that these types of trades have been abandoned. She works hand in hand with Colombian artisans in the fusion of traditional craftsmanship with modern design without neglecting their classic, sophisticated and feminine style.

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